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The Exmouth Exodus 2009


Dave, Chuffy & baggy at Clifton ( Chuffy has a novel Chinese hat!)

Andy Bowyer & Tim Bridgman OKCC

Curry Sandwich! It was certainly a night of two halves, with curry in the middle. In the afternoon it belted down with rain for hours – our garden turned into a river. Luckily as I finished packing ready to get the train, the rains ceased. I set off down the hill ready for a battle with XC trains. The only issue was Mr. Grumpy at Newton Abbot station, the signs said first class at the rear, so I waited at the far end, and then the train came in the other way. I started clattering down the platform, “ I’m not holding this train for you!” he shouted to me.

I contemplated deliberately opening all the doors on the train as I went down the platform, but thought I’d better start with a clean slate! Clambering into the guards van which was the old fashioned 125 type, there was space for about 10 bikes, and no sign of “Exodus” type machines. On the train I had an entire carriage to myself. I was a bit baffled, had the event been cancelled, surely there must be other riders on the train. A guy got on at Exeter which turned out to be Matt. From the Bike Shed in Exeter, but at Bristol TempleMeads it was just he an me getting off.

We rode together across town and up to Clifton.
I could remember where Channings was as I started at the Bridge last year! We found Pembroke Road and then spotted the other brightly coloured loons. There seemed to be a few dozen people about including a few familiar SW faces and Dave with Chuffy & Baggy. I rattled off up to bridge with Matt. And took a few photos – not much good! Must get a decent flash or a faster camera!